Octagon - user guide


Quick quide

  1. Create new database (CTRL+N)
  2. Import images to database by selecting folder containing images (CTRL+I)
  3. Save database (CTRL+S)
  4. Search similar images by giving example image (CTRL+B) or get random samples from database images to start searching (CTRL+R)

How to search images

  • Search initial results by example image (CTRL+B) or get random images to start with (CTRL+R)
  • From result set mark images that look like what you want to find (left mouse click).
  • After marking images you want press query-button or press enter.
  • Now you will get results that are similar to all selected images.
  • You can mark more images to refine your search or move the slider to find by color or by image structure.

How to get better results

  • Move slider to find by color or by image structure.
  • Mark images as "relevant" or "not relevant" by left mouse click or open context menu by right mouse click. Try to mark as many images as you can.
  • Mark needless query images as "neutral" through context menu. Those images will not be used as query images anymore.

Other tips to modify query

  • Octagon does not show you images that have previously been shown in the same query. If you do not want this you can disable hiding throught options-menu.


  • Octagon needs to analyze images before content-based queries can be done.
  • It takes about 1 second to import 10 images.
  • When importing images Octagon eats most of the CPU time. If you want to do something else and let Octagon import images in the background you should degrease the process priority of Octagon. Using task manager locate process "java" that uses most of CPU time and decrease the priority.